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Ecological Production

We too feel that the quality of the environment and the fate of our planet is, to some extent, in the hands of each of us. Similarly, it is no longer possible to ignore the changes in weather in recent years and to hear the strong voices of experts, some of whom even claim that we are in "5 minutes to twelve" situation.

Simply said, the industry of our civilization over the last 100 years has released too much carbon into the atmosphere and there is no doubt about this fact although not everybody agrees on climate change. We also all agree that we have replaced too many originally forested areas on the planet with concrete, asphalt, and we changed these areas by agricultural activity.

In short, we have disturbed the long-standing balance and the consequences are visible, serious and negative. Even the uninhabitable part of the planet is getting larger.

In the interest of our children, it’s time to stop this process and "start withdrawing the carbon". That’s why we have decided to contribute and do at least something. Something that could be a small part of the redress process. It is our first, perhaps small, but very specific step. We don’t want to continue to contribute to the devastation of the planet, and we will plant one tree for each produced and sold GALIA towbar. Purchasing GALIA towbar, you will also contribute to reducing the volume of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and at the same time increasing the wooded area on the Earth.

For now, and with immediate effect, we have decided to use a simple and fast approach, without complicated calculations, certificates and compensation mechanisms in the mediated green projects. We have created such a project and we have it 100% under control. Some of our clients have already seen it. What is particularly gratifying is that the idea has not been left unresponsive; business partners are also joining. Alongside us, they also voluntarily reduce their "carbon footprint", making the GALIA towbar even "greener".

Already in 2019, we have planted a tree for each produced and sold towbar. We will also take care of its cultivation in the first years. For the sake of completeness, it should be added that this is a plantation planting and cultivation. This form of cultivation binds carbon from the atmosphere in the same way, or faster and in the larger extent. At the same time it enlarges forested areas and, what is also very important, it decreases the pressure on natural forests logging.
Wood from trees planted thanks to GALIA towbars will in future replace concrete, iron, plastics. Part of the lower quality wood will replace coal, oil, gas, etc. At the end of the cycle, the areas will be replanted.

We are reforesting places in the climate zone, where there is no dormancy period throughout the year, i.e. trees grow all year round. In this way, we offer to you as our customers the opportunity to participate in improving the environmental situation.

This could be one of the ways of not giving up the comfort of technical progress and, at the same time, not losing the future.

Production – Inputs from Renewable Sources

There are photovoltaic panels installed on all of our buildings. We use produced electricity for towbar production. We use the excess technological heat that is generated by some of our processes for heating. The spaces that cannot be heated by technological heat are heated using ecological fuel from a renewable source.

Packaging - Plastic

We have long been pursuing the objective of minimizing the environmental impact of our products. We sell the products with minimal packaging. If transportation and storage of products need the use of packaging, we always use foils from recycled plastic (so-called regranulate). At the same time, we ensure the collection and recycling of packaging waste placed on the market through the NATURPACK system.

Assembly Instructions - Paper

The warranty card and assembly instructions for our products always form one sheet of paper - all the necessary information is shared on the website.


In our company we do not forget the ecology. In connection with greening of production operations, we decided to build solar power plant on the roof of our production premises which produces electrical energy for our machines and devices. No CO2!

Eco-friendly operation throughout the year

We decreased energy demands of our production premises and we use only fuel from renewable sources for heating – no fossil fuels.

Disposal of packaging waste

We provide collection, recovery and recycling of packaging waste placed on the market through the NATURPACK system.