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one towbar - one tree
1 TOWBAR = 1 TREE (click for more information)

Purchasing our Products You Help Plant Trees

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Let us inform you about the current project:

Project Title: Supporting Innovative Capacity of the Applicant: Karol Gejdoš Galia by Acquiring Innovative Technology

The main objective of the project is to support the innovative activities of the company Karol Gejdoš Galia by introducing innovative technology, which will lead to an overall innovation of the manufacturing process of the production of lifting and handling equipment. The aim of the project is also to strengthen the position of the company on the market and increase its competitiveness, while also hiring 1 new employee as well as organizational innovation. Thanks to a non-repayable financial contribution of 55% of the total expenditure on the procurement of technology, the quality, speed, efficiency and flexibility of the production process will increase (with regard to sustainable development and environmental protection).

Market Research Record

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Types of Towbars

Fixed Towbar - Type A

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Detachable Towbar - Type C

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Galia - the Towbar Producer


We are engaged in development, manufacture, sale and assembly of towbars for passenger cars, commercial cars and trucks. Our product portfolio includes about 1000 types of towbars and this number is constantly growing. Our products are sold in 19 countries including Slovakia, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, Israel and we are still working on implementation of export to the other countries inside and outside the European Union.

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Ikona elektroinštalácie k ťažným zariadeniam

Choose the Correct Electrical Kit

Several types of electrical kits can be provided for towbars. The choice depends on the vehicle equipment.

The Overview of El. Kits

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Ecological Production

In our company we do not forget the ecology.
In connection with greening of production operations, we decided
to build solar power plant
on the roof of our production premises
which produces electrical energy for our machines and devices.

No CO2

Ecological Production