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Detachable Towbar - Type C

This type of towbar is designed for more demanding clients. There is no need for special tools to detach the towball. The principle of detaching the towball is part of our unique intellectual property.

In comparison with competitive products in the market, our detachable towbar has several indisputable advantages:

  • very simple and easy handling with minimal demands on the user's physical and technical abilities (even the children can handle it),
  • you don't need gloves to handle the towball - you are protected from the industrial oil by the set of rubber covers and practical sleeve,
  • all coupling elements are detached at same time (they do not remain on a vehicle), they are not unnecessarily exposed to weather and therefore their lifespan is extended rapidly and at the same time it significantly contributes to the safety - only the holder remains on the vehicle. This holder does not contain any sensitive components and is sealed with rubber covers (it is easy to clean the holder),
  • fixing the towball to the vehicle is secured by 3 elements,
  • the parts that are mostly exposed to weather are adequately treated (vacuum hardening).
  • Our detachable towbar is designed so that in case of accidental failure of any of the security elements (e.g. in the case of hidden defects of material or misuse of towbar etc.), the towball remains in the holder.