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About Us


We are engaged in development, manufacture, sale and assembly of towbars for passenger cars, commercial cars and trucks.

Our company has been developing since 1992. Right from the beginning we made it our duty to satisfy the needs of our honored customers as much as possible. At the beginning we focused on development of towbars based on customer demand. It was a piece production of towbars for the most common models of vehicles in the market. In the following period we were gradually transferring to small series production and medium series production, although due to diversity of vehicle types, the company’s production process is considered to be very specific.

Our product portfolio includes about 1000 types of towbars and this number is constantly growing. Our products are sold in 19 countries including Slovakia, Germany, Ireland, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, Israel and we are still working on implementation of export to the other countries inside and outside the European Union.


In the production and pre-production stages, we use modern computer-assisted technologies (CNC machines and equipment, CAD-CAM solutions, etc.). To manage, monitor and control the process of production of our products, from technical preparation of production to control of finished products, we use our own in-house information system, which (among many other things) allows you to see the availability of a specific product in real time on our website.