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Our Products

Slovak towbar with tow ball ISO 50 for all types of passenger cars, commercial cars and trucks with the surface treatment of highest quality in the market - no colour can compare to zinc surface treatment! Each towbar is designed and manufactured using modern technologies in accordance with national and international standards and directives such as ISO 9001:2008, EHK 55, (94/20/ES).

All our towbars are approved as E27, (e27) or 27MD.

Towbars are produced in two designs according to the way of removal of tow ball:

Fixed design - type A
Detachable design - type C

Surface Treatment

No colour can compare to zinc!

Thanks to special technology of surface treatment of GALIA towbars the chassis of a vehicle is protected. The risk of corrosion is eliminated and therefore NO corrosion of the chassis caused by the installed towbar occurs. This situation is typical for the towbars with colour surface treatment.

Hot-Dip Galvanizing is special method of coating. Zinc creates long life solid coating that protects the steel electrochemically.

Galvanizing is used mainly for protection of steel and cast iron from atmospheric corrosion.

Examples of zinc coated towbars